CHI 2008 concludes. So long, and thanks for all the veggies.

cross-medial endeavour which started from the columns of the printed edition of
Il Sole 24 Ore and continued on the newspaper Web site, 27 international researchers interviewed,  and lots of thoroughly edited on-line
in 6 days.

Hope you
found my live Web report from CHI 2008 useful and stimulating.

However, if
you are thinking about doing something similar for another event and enjoying
the event at the same time, I must inform you that the two goals are not much
compatible… 🙂

And now, no
time to go to the closing party, I have to run back to my university where tomorrow morning I have
to chair a Ms graduation committee…

  • Fabio Turel |

    Thanks, it’s been a great read (and a massive effort from your side… have a nice and restful weekend!)

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